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Sour style carp fillet with vegetable, fresh onion and bread 69,-
Red beet carpaccio with olive oil and fresh salad 59,-
Homemade smoked catfish with horseradish cream, herb oil and toast 79,-
Little fish steaks with spinach and ginger, served with cabbage salad and herb remoulade 99,-


Traditional creamy fish soup with herb croutons 39,-
South bohemian style garlic soup with potatoes, bread croutons and cheese 45,-



150g Old-time bohemian style fried carp fillet with rustic potato salad 139,-
150g Carp fillet roasted with thyme, mushroom ragu and baked potatoes 169,-


150g Zander fillet roasted with oregano, served with red lentil and vegetable salad 209,-
150g Zander fillet with vegetable and white wine sauce, served with baked potatoes 219,-


*200g Trout grilled with caraway seeds, filled with herbs, served with garlic butter and potatoes 149,-
*200g Roasted trout with red wine and vegetable sauce, served with baked potatoes 169,-
* price according to weight 10 g = 6 CZK


150g Butter roasted catfish, served with creamy spinach and mashed potatoes mixed with onion and bacon 169,-
150g Roasted catfish with rosemary, served with potatoes and sauce made from dark beer, bacon and paprika 179,-


200g Chicken steak on spinach leaves served with mashed potatoes mixed with onion and bacon 149,-
Marinated pork steak served with fresh hoseradish, mustard and potatoes 159,-
200g Beef steak with sauce made from pickled pepper, brandy and mustard, served with baked potatoes 219,-


200g Warm red letil salad with spinach, fresh chili pepper and herb remoulade 79,-
250g Fresh pasta tagliatelle with tomatoe sauce, herbs and Grana Padano cheese 129,-


100g Fried chicken schnitzel with potatoes 79,-
100g Fresh pasta tagliatelle with pieces of fish, cream sauce and herbs 109,-


150g Winter vegetable salad with sour cream and herb dressing, bread croutons 65,-
100g Leaf salad with red beet and fresh horseradish 65,-


Homemade pancakes with wild berry sauce and sour cream 65,-
Appel strudel with cinnamon and vanilla sauce 49,-
Chocolate creme with lemon-ginger sirup with slowly baked orange 79,-


200g Boiled potatoes 35,-
200g Grilled unpeeled potatoes 35,-
200g Farmer´s potatoe salad 40,-
200g mashed potatoes with onion 40,-
Pastry 19,-

Prices incl. 21% VAT

For half portion you will pay 70 % of the price

Dobrou chuť / guten Appetit / enjoy your meal

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